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About the Program

Want to eat healthier and save money?
The Medica Healthy Savings program makes it easy.
Card ImageHere’s how it works…

It’s Automatic
Each Sunday, your card is pre-loaded with $40-50
of new savings on the healthiest one-third of foods in a 
typical grocery store. 

My List -About the ProgramThe Savings are Easy to Find
All of the featured foods are already on your card.
You can...

  • Customize your pre-made list on this website
  • Use the Email list sent to you
  • Access a Mobile-optimized list from your smart phone

Medica About PageAll You Do is Shop & Scan
You just shop for the foods you want at your favorite
Cub, Hornbacher's, Rainbow Foods, Lunds & Byerlys, Kowalski's, Coborn's or Festival Foods grocery stores. 

Then scan your card at checkout.
All of your savings are instant!

It’s that easy. There are no coupons to click, clip, download or print.
Your savings add up fast every time you shop.

Not a Medica Member? Learn more here .

More ways to Shop & Eat Healthier
Here are some other ways we make it easy to eat healthier:

  • Anywhere Access. Use your mobile device for easy access to your shopping list, to review available savings, and to find a participating store that is convenient to you.

  • Recipes. Now you can have new answers to the eternal question, "What's for dinner?" Whether you're cooking for one or the entire family, you can find nutritious, delicious recipes for many featured products. Simply go to the Shopping List page and select the Recipe icon next to a featured product to get some meal ideas.

  • Food Group Nutrition Information. It is helpful to understand what you should be eating and why. Find nutrition information on each food group, and all of the featured products, so you can make the most out of every meal.

  • Check Your Progress. Track how much you’ve saved and see how you compare to other members. 

Get Started
Log in. Review your list. You are ready to shop, scan and SAVE!

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About Solutran S3

Solutran® is a leading national payments processor with state-of-the-art electronic benefits transfer (EBT) technology. Solutran is committed to using its technology solutions to improve client business practices and help change the way America eats. Our customized solution offerings include payment systems, substantiation platforms, and a proprietary auto-activating "smart coupon" system called S3 that enables people to save on healthier food options without having to clip, click, download, or print coupons. With S3, all savings are automatically loaded into participant accounts and can be accessed with a simple scan of a program card or mobile phone at checkout. The savings are applied immediately and print on the receipt.

Solutran’s S3 technology serves as the supporting substantiation platform behind the Healthy Savings Program. Solutran is a National Strategic Partner of the USDA and a vigorous supporter of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. To learn more about Solutran and its solutions, visit and 

Medica Logo

About Medica

As one of the nation's leading and most progressive health insurance companies, Medica helps more than 1.5 million members live healthier, happier lives. The company's health improvement programs deliver personalized solutions that focus on the whole person, and include a comprehensive set of preventive, fitness, employee assistance, health and wellness coaching, and care coordination programs. The new Medica Healthy Savings program is an innovative approach to helping members eat healthier while saving money.

Participating Brands

Thanks to participating food manufacturers, the Healthy Savings program is able to provide you discounts on healthier foods all across the grocery store. From established names to up-and-coming brands, each week’s featured products provide nutritious alternatives. Support your health by selecting featured products when you shop.
Almond Breeze® Ambrosia™ Artisan Hearth® Barilla® Biena® Bob's Red Mill® Bran Flakes BRIANNAS® BUSH'S® Butter Kernel® Cabo Fresh™ California Olive Ranch® Cal-Organic Farms® Campbell's® Well Yes!™ Carlita® Carrington Farms® Cascadian Farm® Catallia™ Cheerios® Chex™ Chobani® Cinnamon Toast Crunch™ CoCo Wheats® Country Hearth® Crispy Green® Crunchmaster® Cruz® Cut 'N Clean Greens® DASANI DROPS® DASANI® Del Monte® Foods DOLE® Door County Dreamfields® Eat Smart® Eggland's Best FAGE® Fiber One™ Fiber Up® Food Should Taste Good™ Frescados™ Fresh Express® GO VEGGIE® Golden Grahams® Gold'n Plump® GOYA® Green Giant® Habelman Harvest Snaps® Jennie-O® JOLLY TIME® Pop Corn Just BARE® Kanzi® Kemps® KIKU® King Arthur Flour® Kix® Klondike-Green Giant® Fresh Kuner's® Southwest La Preferida® Lactaid® Lady Alice® LÄRABAR® Late July® LIBBY'S® Pumpkin Lifeway® Lil Snappers™ Lucini® Italia Mann's Family Favorites™ Mariani® Minute® Rice Mission® Monterey Mushrooms™ Morey's® Muir Glen™ Organic Musselman's® Natural Ovens Bakery™ Nature Valley™ Nature's Earthly Choice™ NatureSweet® Naturipe® New England No Name® Ocean Mist Farms® Old Home® Opal® Apple Orca Bay® Organic Prairie® Organic Valley® OTC Eligible Pazazz™ Pete's Living Greens Pop Secret® Progresso™ Quaker® Oats Quaker® Simple & Wholesome Organic Raisin Bran® Red Star® Yeast Rhythm® Superfoods RiceSelect® Rockit™ S&W® S. Rosen's Sauder's Eggs Silk® Simple Mills® Skippy® Stonyfield® Organic Yogurt Sunkist® SUNSET® Produce Sweet Earth Foods® Tanimura & Antle® the happy egg co.® thinkThin® Total™ Traditional Medicinals® Tea Village Hearth® Wallaby Organic® Wheaties® Wild Planet® Wild Sweet Cherries Wish Farms WOWBUTTER® Yoplait® YQ by Yoplait® Yucatan®

Participating Retailers

Use your Healthy Savings card today at any participating store location. These popular grocery stores are demonstrating their commitment to your health by participating in the Healthy Savings program. Shop at any (or all) of these fine stores…just scan your card every time you shop, and you’ll automatically save on healthier foods.

All Retailers

About MyPlate

The latest and most innovative expression of the dietary guidelines, MyPlate is the USDA’s new generation icon created with the intent of prompting consumers to think about building a healthy plate at meal times. The new MyPlate icon emphasizes how eating  a balance of fruit, vegetable, grains, protein and dairy food groups is the foundation of a healthy diet. For more information on MyPlate, consumers can go to

What is Healthier?

The Healthy Savings program is designed to help members take a step towards a healthier diet. While it is not offered as a total health solution, by promoting only foods that rank in healthiest 1/3 of the items in a typical grocery store, the program is a strong move in the right direction for most members.
Many of our members already eat healthy diets. And even more are trying to eat healthier, but with busy schedules are challenged to find the time necessary to research and seek out healthier options.
To make it easy, the Healthy Savings program utilizes independent ratings of foods and qualifies only the healthiest 1/3 of the items in a typical grocery store for the program. These ratings are performed in the following way:
a) Each product is initially rated using the independent, rigorous and nationally-renowned Guiding Stars® nutrition guidance system, where a patented scientific algorithm measures the nutrient density of each item. 

b) Healthy Savings then uses its own proprietary qualification criteria aimed at allowing only the top 1/3 of healthy foods in each major food category to be promoted within the program.
This gives members confidence that every product promoted in the program is a healthier alternative to the majority of products they could purchase.
Guiding Stars Image
About Guiding Stars

Guiding Stars® is a nutrition guidance program that rates the nutritional quality of food and assigns a score based on a system of credits and debits. Using the Nutrition Facts panel (or the USDA’s National Nutrient Database for fresh meat, seafood and produce) the patented Guiding Stars algorithm determines the amount of essential vitamins, minerals, fiber and whole grains versus saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, added sodium and added sugars. The more nutritional value a food has, the higher the score it receives.

Guiding Stars is objective, based on consumer research, and not influenced by price, brand or manufacturer trade groups. The Guiding Stars program is grounded in evidence-based nutrition science.  The Scientific Advisory Panel for Guiding Stars—consisting of leading nutrition science and public health experts—consults the current dietary guidelines and recommendations of leading national and international health organizations such as the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, U.S. Department of Agriculture, National Academy of Sciences and the World Health Organization.

The Guiding Stars program has received patent protection in the U.S. (US Patent No. 7,974,881 and U.S. Patent No 8,626,796) and Canada (Canadian patent No 2,652,379).

Plus Produce Perks - Savings on Fresh Produce

Any Healthy Savings offer with a Plus Produce Perks symbol (Plus Produce Perks) means that you save twice - (1) with the discount on the purchased item, PLUS (2) an additional 25% of the discount amount that will be applied to purchases of fresh produce.

Review your shopping list for promotions with this symbol (Plus Produce Perks). When you purchase the qualified products and scan your Healthy Savings card, Plus Produce Perks will be automatically loaded onto your card and applied immediately or saved for whenever you purchase fresh produce.

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